Friday, May 12, 2017

KPMG acquired Matchi for undisclosed amount

KPMG International has acquired global fintech innovation and matchmaking platform Matchi that connects financial institutions (including banks and insurance companies) with financial services technology solutions and companies worldwide.

The Matchi platform includes over 700 curated fintech solutions and a database of more than 2,500 fintech companies that financial institutions can work with to apply innovative fintech capabilities to solving their business problems and pursuing new market opportunities.

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Neha Punater, Head of Fintech, KPMG in India said, The acquisition of Matchi adds to the capabilities of KPMG firms to bring market-validated ideas to financial services clients’ toughest challenges. These acquisitions are important from the perspective of the growth of Fintech sector, both globally and in India. Finding fintech companies who are pre-validated, helps to reduce risks and can accelerate time to market. KPMG financial services professionals are helping clients to navigate through the 'noise' of the rapidly changing fintech environment and take advantage of emerging technologies that can enable new business models and strategies.



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