Thursday, April 6, 2017

How bollywood actress Zareen Khan lost weight from 100kg to 57kg?

Bollywood movie Veer actress Zareen Khan has lost 43 kg, She reduced from 100kg to 57kg. The bollywood actress work hard to loose weight and even after weight loss she refused to endorse a weight loss pill company where she was offered Rs 1 crore to endorse.

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She said, I cannot endorse something I don’t believe in. I work very hard every day in the gym and believe there are no shortcuts to weight loss. All this possible because of proper training and right diet plan. She also gave credit to her gym instructor Yasmin Karachiwala, who made her do Pilates, weight training, and cardio exercise like swimming, jogging and spinning.

She said, Every morning, I do Pilates for an hour and weight training thrice a week with Yasmin. I also do some swimming and jogging and eat every two hours to increase my metabolic rate. Sweets and fried food are a strict no! Pilates is very challenging and that is what I like about it. It’s fun and hardly feels like exercise. I’ve recently started yoga with Twinkle Singh and she has completely changed my body. It has toned me up and stretched my muscles. There is a definite transformation. Since there is no equipment used, it is something I can do even in my hotel room when I am travelling so I can stay committed.

About her food she said, I hate the concept of dieting. I think it’s very unrealistic. I don’t deny myself anything. I stick to a high protein diet which has a lot of veggies and juices. I am obsessed with drinking a lot of water. I needed to make fitness a part of my lifestyle. I can never workout for an hour at a stretch so my trainers create 20-minute workouts for me.

Breakfast: Two eggs (whites), brown bread toast, fruits and sprouts.

Lunch and dinner: Brown rice, stir-fried vegetables and grilled chicken.

Snacks: Coconut water, sprouts or clear soups.



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