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Friday, April 21, 2017

VideoKen raised $1 million funding from various investors

Video learning platform VideoKen has raised $1 million funding from various investors. Flipkart’s chief technology officer Ravi Garikipati, former product head Surot Chatterjee and former engineering head Ashish Agrawal invested in the company. LG Chandrasekhar, chairman of Sutures India, and Sashi Reddi, partner at US-based SRI Capital LLC has put money on VideoKen.

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The company said, the funding will be used to ramp up the artificial intelligence capabilities of the platform, and enhance sales and marketing efforts.

VideoKen is a video-based social learning platform that helps educators and learners search, curate, personalise and share video clips. It offers educational videos that come with several features, such as finding sections that are of interest, clipping interesting parts of a video, inserting notes and sharing them with friends, among others. Users can then store their videos on a cloud platform offered by the company. Currently, it does not impose any limits on data storage.

VideoKen co-founder and CEO Manish Gupta said, We have started with education and corporate training but we are looking to get into areas of sports , gaming etc. Despite the availability of a large number of educational videos on virtually any topic, it can be a daunting task to select and personalize content that meets your specific needs. Our target audience includes enterprises that recognize the value of lifelong learning for their employees, training organizations, independent trainers and educational institutions.

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