Wednesday, April 12, 2017

ScoopWhoop founder Suparn Pandey accused of sexual harassment

Few days back TVF's founder Arunabh Kumar was accused of sexual harassment by a woman employee. Now ScoopWhoop founder Suparn Pandey accused of sexual harassment. A former senior executive has filed an FIR against Pandey, she accused Pandey of sexually harassing her during the two years she worked for the website.

The complainant has also named two other cofounders, Sattvik Mishra and Sriparna Tikekar in her FIR for abetting the harassment. She worked with Scoopwhoop between 2015 and 2017 and during that period she has stated several incidents of misdemeanours by Pandey.

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She said, Mr. Suparn Pandey in public commented on my sexuality and this comment included calling me a names (sic.) which reflected on my sexual orientation and my sexual preferenes (sic.) as well as characterized me in a certain way.

In her complaint she said, Mr. Pandey got so bold as to send me a lewd video over the official Gmail chat, in which the words were "aapnu jeans dheeli karo". Mr. Pandey approached me after the meeting, between 8-9:30PM, when I was alone at my work desk and asked me to be less "aggressive" in my dealings with other people and learn to "pour some sugar on it." That after that, he then got up, kissed my forehead and walked away.



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