Monday, April 10, 2017

BJP said AAP Government Spent 13,000 Per Person On Lunches At Arvind Kejriwal's House

BJP said that Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has Spent 13,000 Per Person On Lunches At Arvind Kejriwal's House last year. BJP said, Delhi Tourism and Transport Development Corporation (DTTDC) had organised two lunch parties last year on February 11 and 12 for 50 and 30 persons respectively which cost over Rs. 11 lakh.

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BJP leader Piyush Goyal said, The government is a custodian of public funds entrusted to it by tax payers in the form of exchequer. But Kejriwal and his party have been misusing these funds for the last two years for its political needs and purposes. The so-called food bill of Rs. 13,000 was sent to me by officers for clearance a year back, but I never approved them. The files have been with the then LG Najeeb Jung's office for the past six months. It seems the LG's office has leaked it now under pressure from the BJP. I dare them to release the file in which I have clearly made a note refusing to clear payment.

He also said, The permissible limit under financial rules is Rs. 1,250 per person for hosting a lunch in non-five star hotels. No codal formalities or financial rules were followed before placing the orders. Two bills were raised by DTTDC for a total amount of Rs. 11,04,357. Bill for the lunch on February 11 was Rs. 6,23,605 and the cost per plate was Rs. 12,472 and price of same plate rose to Rs. 16,025 for the lunch organised very next day.



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