Wednesday, April 5, 2017

6 yrs old brave girl save friend from Crocodile attack

Tiki Dalai a six years old brave girl saved friend from Crocodile attack by hitting on crocodile head. Tiki Dalai studies in a government-run primary school in Bankuala village, saved her friend Basanti after a crocodile leapt at her while they were in a nearby pond.

As soon as the crocodile attacked her friend, Tiki Dalai had the presence of mind to pick up a bamboo stick and hit the crocodile on its head. After a few blows, the crocodile, which had caught Basanti by the leg, let Basanti slip away. She then swiftly took her injured friend to safety.

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Tiki Dalai said, The attack was so sudden that I had little time to react. The stick lying near the pond saved my friend.

Mean while forest department in Odisha has offered to pay for Basanti's treatment.



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