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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Ride sharing app Lyft acquired Pune based startup FinitePaths

Ride sharing app Lyft has acquired Pune-based startup FinitePaths for an undisclosed amount. As a part, the app built by FinitePaths will be shut down and the cofounders of FinitePaths Vinay Kakade and Balaji Raghavan will join the Lyft team.

FinitePaths app, Trail Answers helped get answers to user questions using social, local and contextual signals.

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FinitePaths said, We are proud of the people ranking and concept extraction engine we built at FinitePaths. As we were exploring the next steps for the business, we received interest from several companies in our technology and the team and we decided to find the most apt home for it. Lyft has a grand vision to see the world where the transportation and technology brings people together, not apart. Everyone we met at Lyft was super sharp and intelligent yet so humble. The technical challenges are exciting and we believe we can make the right contributions based on our prior experience and what we have built at FinitePaths.

Lyft vice president Luc Vincent said, We are very excited to have Balaji and Vinay join our team. They have extensive experience building large scale infrastructure and services. We see this experience as playing a critical role in helping us tackle some of the unique challenges we have at Lyft, as well as helping grow the Lyft community.

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