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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Legendary barber Ramesh Babu add Mercedes-Maybach into his car list

Legendary barber Ramesh Babu who spent daily 5 hours in his saloon add a Mercedes-Maybach for Rs 3.2 crore to his car list. Ramesh Babu gives haircuts for Rs 75 and also he is the owner of Ramesh Tours and Travels. He collects various luxury cars for rents.

Before to Ramesh babu only two person has Mercedes-Maybach, one is with Vijay Mallya and another one was with a builder. The other cars which was with Ramesh baby are: a Rolls Royce, 11 Mercedes, 10 BMWs, three Audis, and two Jaguars etc. He has now 150 luxury cars.

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Vijay Mallya has the same car but in a golden colour and after he went to London, his car was never seen in Bengaluru. Some say it has been sold, others claim it has been parked in UB City.

Ramesh, owner of Ramesh Tours and Travels, spends at least five hours daily in his salon at Bowring Institute. He personally styles the hair of his regular customers. As a professional barber, he doesn't want to forget his roots. But unlike others, he can be spotted driving to work in his egg-white Rolls Royce Ghost.

Ramesh Babu said, It gives me a high to know that I'm the only other person after Mallya and a builder to own a Mercedes-Maybach. God is with me and I have worked hard to reach here. My dream is to buy every luxurious car there is. And after Rolls Royce, now it's the Mercedes-Maybach. Driving this is a thrill. I don't want to forget the suffering... the way my mother brought me up in poverty after my father's death. So, I will continue to work in the salon. I can afford this luxury because of my profession. I plan to have more such cars.

After his father died in 1979, he quits his study and became a full time barber. But in 1994, he bought a Maruti Omni van and started renting it out. After that his fortune changed.

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