Monday, March 20, 2017

Ikea India announced 26 week parental leave policy for both Men and Women in India

Furnishings company Ikea India announced a 26 week parental leave policy for both men and women in India. Apart from this women employees will have an option of truncated work hours by 50 per cent for another 16 weeks.

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Ikea India Country HR Manager Anna-Carin Mansson said, I am delighted to share this news with all our co-workers in India who are working towards opening stores and building the Ikea brand. She also said, female employees will also get additional benefits like reduced work hours whilst they are nursing, an additional two weeks of leave with full pay in case of a tubectomy operation, leave with full pay and benefits for a maximum period of one month in case of illness arising out of pregnancy, delivery and premature birth of the child.



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