Sunday, March 5, 2017

Hiree owned by Quikr switches to freemium model

Quikr's online hiring firm Hiree switches to freemium business model. It shifted from subscriptions based model to freemium model. Hiree was acquired by Quikr in July 2016.

A freemium business model is one where basic services are provided free of charge while more advanced features must be paid for. While the Hiree platform will continue to provide services free of cost to job seekers, the new business model is aimed at bringing added benefits to recruiters who will be able to post jobs and access hundreds of candidate profiles for free.

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Hiree co-founder Manjunath Talwar said, Online hiring platforms have typically followed a premium subscription model for employers. (But) freemium is one of the ways in which we are looking to grow ourselves in the market significantly. As a part of a larger company (like Quikr), we are able to take on larger bets, which will yield larger benefits for us.

Amit Jain, head of QuikrJobs said Online classifieds have always been freemium. QuikrJobs has also followed a similar strategy.Bringing the freemium model to white-collar hiring will be a game-changer and we believe it will be a winning strategy for Hiree too.



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