Friday, March 24, 2017

DataRobot raised $54 million funding

Machine learning platform DataRobot has raised $54 million in a Series C funding round led by existing investor New Enterprise Associates (NEA).

DataRobot helps enterprises build predictive models at speed.

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DataRobot platform features hundreds of open-source machine learning algorithms and harnesses best practices and knowledge from “the world’s leading scientists,” enabling users of all skill levels to build predictive models for their companies. Users upload their data, select their target variables, and DataRobot “automates, trains, and evaluates” multiple predictive models.

Though it can be used to help data scientists work more quickly and at scale, DataRobot is targeted at anyone within the enterprise who’s looking to tinker with artificial intelligence to see whether it can improve their decision making.

DataRobot says it will double the size of its research and development team, expand its global presence, and increase its support for existing partners, which include Cloudera and Alteryx.

DataRobot cofounder and CEO Jeremy Achin said, Over the last four years, the DataRobot platform has been meticulously built, tested, and fine-tuned by the world’s leading data scientists. By teaching machines to do 90 percent of the work that previously required a data scientist, DataRobot has truly automated predictive analytics.



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