Monday, February 6, 2017

My team manager is putting additional pressure on me said Infosys techie Rasila Raju

The reality of Indian IT service industry comes into picture when Infosys techie was discussing with her father was saying, My team manager is putting additional pressure on me ever since I refused to join him for a team lunch. My transfer approval is also pending with him and I will have to complete the work that I have been given.

Her father also told that Rasila had told me on the phone a few weeks ago that she had refused to join the team in their social gatherings and this was not appreciated by the manager. A few weeks later, she approached the manager, seeking a transfer to Bangalore, but he refused. There was an argument between them, and in a fit of rage, he threatened to teach her a lesson - this was witnessed by Rasila's colleagues.

While discussing with her cousin before her death she was telling Someone is entering my work bay, I will call you back. She also said, My transfer to the Bangalore office depends on my submission today. I should receive my transfer order by the first week of February.

Time has come we should punish this kind of managers who were thinking employees as like servants and taking them as granted. For his stupidity someone lost her life.



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