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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Infosys to pay Rs 1 Crore to Rasila Raju OP Family

Rasila Raju OP who was killed by a security guard inside Infosys office, her family will get Rs 1 Crore as compensation from Infosys. Infosys said, On behalf of Infosys, we agree to pay the nominee of deceased employee Ms OP Rasila an amount of INR One crore as ex-gratia. Towards ensuring financial stability for the family, Infosys takes into account the statutory payments to be made as per company policy. The company also considers ex-gratia payments based on the circumstances. Infosys also endeavors to make every effort at a suitable employment opportunity for the next of kin who qualify its recruitment criteria.

Also read: Infosys engineer K Rasila Raju strangled with computer cable in Pune office

The security guard whose name is Bhaben Saikia was nabbed from Mumbai when he was trying to flee to his home.

According to police report, Our investigation suggests that sometime on Sunday afternoon, the victim objected to the suspect staring at her and warned him that she would lodge a complaint. Later, she took a break. When she was entering the office again, Saikia followed her past the access door on the pretext of taking details of some computers. Inside, they had an argument, during which he hit her on the face and strangled her with a networking cable. He took her access card with him. He has said he wanted to kill himself after the murder and went to the terrace, but was stopped by another guard. He later called his mother and told her what he had done. She told him to surrender but he planned to flee. He then went to Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus in Mumbai from where we nabbed him.

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