Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Finally VK Sasikala CM dream over 4-Year Jail Term For Corruption

In just 8 minutes The Supreme Court judges to announce the decision on VK Sasikala in corrpution case. Justice Pinaki Chandra Bose said, We have expressed deep concern about escalating menace of corruption in the society. You can understand too much of fatty judgement, we have taken the burden on us...we will read out the conclusion.

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Another judge Amitava Roy, said, "We are setting aside the High court judgement and restoring the trial court judgement in full. Case against A1 (Jayalalithaa) is abated. All convicted and surrender forthwith."

Apart from that she also has to pay Rs 10 crore fine.

From last few days she was trying to be CM of tamil nadu but now she can not hold public office or contest elections for 10 years, the period of her jail term plus six years after that.



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