Monday, February 6, 2017

Best treatment was given to Jayalalithaa, she died of organ failure: UK Doctor

After Sasikala elected to be tamil nadu CM, lots of questions were coming on Jayalalitha's death. But Dr Richard Beale of UK who was involved in treatment of late Tamil Nadu chief minister J Jayalalithaa said, Best treatment was given to Jayalalithaa, but her diabetes led to complications. For a period, she was treated with non-invasive ventilation and her initial condition improved somewhat, but as sepsis progressed, it was necessary for her to be put on ventilator. Later, she was fully interactive. There was no amputation and no transplantation either.

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He also said, she (Jaya) was certainly conscious and responding", but her condition worsened unexpectedly. She was conscious when she signed the Election Commission papers, she read the papers. Since she was very weak, she could not sign the paper and made the thumb impression instead.



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